CP Global Health

CP Homes is a senior care brand founded in the U.S. A few years ago, the firm planted a nursing home branch with medical and rehabilitation facilities in Greater Shenzhen. Originally, it mainly catered for Hong Kong elderlies who retired to the Greater Bay Area on the Mainland China side, but now also opens for local Chinese residents’ senior care needs and primary care needs. With the growth of our business and our partnership network coverage in North America and greater China, we have been utilizing our resources and professional personnel to advocate for Chinese patients’ medical care accessibility, especially for pharmaceutical products that are rarely available in China.
CP Global Health is headquartered in Dallas with operations in Hong Kong and networks in Macau and North America. Our core team includes experienced medical doctors, clinical pharmacists, nurses, lawyers, accountants and other peripheral healthcare professionals.  
CP 环球医药的总部位于达拉斯,在香港设有运营中心,网络辐射澳门和北美地区。CP的核心团队由经验丰富的医生、临床药剂师、护士、律师、会计师和其他各专业医疗人员组成。
Specialty pharmacy is CP Global Health’s main business plan to connect limited available pharmaceuticals with patients and hospitals. The Chi-America Medical Center of CP provides a platform for clinicians from home and abroad to provide consultation services to patients in China. Our patient access advocate team also provides their professional advice and educational seminars in line with the CP Specialty Pharmacy and Chi-America Medical Center.